Rave reviews for ENTERSHAMEMENT!                              "A virtuoso of physical comedy, as well as a brilliant, insightful standup and a truly sensational singer. She thus crafts a performance of enormous variety, constant hilarity and refreshing intelligence." (5 stars) Fest Mag                              "One of the most empowered, well executed and entertaining cabaret acts I've ever seen." (5 stars) Broadway Baby                              "A Tour-de-Force! Imaginative, offbeat, inspired, original, daring and exhilarating!" - (5 stars) To Do List London                              "One of the most feel-good experiences you could have. The cabaret star from Brooklyn blends slapstick humour, a fantastic voice and some very special talents to create an unforgettable experience." -The List                              "A big hand for this slickly intelligent yet subversively riotous show. Visual, verbal, vocal, Amy Gordon does it all." -The Stage