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“A comic powerhouse” -The Australian (La Clique)


"Expert and inspired” - Lawrence Van Gelder, New York Times (Cirkus Inferno)


"A studied combination of elegance and slapstick...underpinned by impeccable talent. "

Peter Crawley, Irish Times (Round She Goes)


“This really charming but totally cracked woman from America does slapstick in the best manner.” – Neue Presse, Germany (GOP Variete)


"Amy G delights and astounds in equal measure. Cheeky and winning”  (4 stars)

- Dublin Metro (Round She Goes)


“Amy Gordon, a comic actress of great gifts … Gordon is reason enough to see the show.”

Clive Barnes, Newsday, NYC (AntiGravity’s Crash Test Dummies)


“G whiz! Incredibly highly skilled, sexy, dangerous, with an edge.”

– The Age, Australia (La Clique)


“Amy G is an out and out star, and in total command of an audience mesmerized by her rollerjinks.” - (Round She Goes)


“A marvel of physical comedy.” - The Advertiser, Adelaide (Cirkus Inferno)


“Explosive, Virtuoso Clowning” - Seattle Times, Seattle (Cirkus Inferno)


”As impressive at it all is, none can match the sheer hilarity of (Amy G’s) expressive face. Let yourself be blown away!” - Adelaide Theatre Guide (Cirkus Inferno)


“No woman has looked as sexy playing the ukulele since Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot.”

-The List, Edinburgh (Rocket and Roxy’s Untimely, Tragic, and Fiery Death Stunt Show)


“Amy G … funny and a whiz on roller skates.” – The Herald-Sun, Australia (Cirkus Inferno)


“Gives a fresh energy to traditions sustained by the likes of Buster Keaton.”

- The Scottish Herald, Edinburgh (Cirkus Inferno)


“Star der show ist die grandiose Künstlerin Amy G….Showgirl, Diva and Knalltüte in einer Person” – vormagazine, Wien/Vienna (Palazzo)


Entershamement Press

Rave reviews for ENTERSHAMEMENT!


"A virtuoso of physical comedy, as well as a brilliant, insightful standup and a truly sensational singer. She thus crafts a performance of enormous variety, constant hilarity and refreshing intelligence." (5 stars) - Fest Mag Full Review Here


"One of the most empowered, well executed and entertaining cabaret acts I've ever seen." (5 stars) - Broadway Baby Full Review Here


"A Tour-de-Force! Imaginative, offbeat, inspired, original, daring and exhilarating!" - (5 stars) -- To Do List London Full Review Here


“One of the most feel-good experiences you could have. The cabaret star from Brooklyn blends slapstick humour, a fantastic voice and some very special talents to create an unforgettable experience." (4 stars) - The List Full Review Here


“A big hand for this slickly intelligent yet subversively riotous show. Visual, verbal, vocal, Amy Gordon does it all.” -The Stage


“Magical... pitch perfect ... Gordon is the funniest comedian you've never heard of” 

- The Hollywood Reporter

"Remarkable, hugely skillful and at times jaw-droppingly courageous and she takes us all to the far-side of our comfort zones and beyond, in a marvelously executed expose of squirmy truths.  Courageous, outrageous, whacky and hugely entertaining!" (4.5 stars) - Clothesline Australia

Full review here

"If there are limits, she goes out to find them and bend them, in a very high energy and unforgettable show ... showing off an impressive voice and a gift for physical comedy."

- The Advertiser (Adelaide)  Full review here.

"Without doubt an incredible force of true entertainment. Skilled, hilarious and shocking. This is one performer that you need to experience at least once in your life."  

- Australian Stage. Full review here.

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