"A Tour-de-Force! Imaginative, offbeat, inspired, original, daring and exhilarating!"
- To Do List London
Amy G Entershamement poster showgirl
Amy G sequins and silicone
Amy G feathers and ukulele
Amy G in audience lap at Duplex
Amy G green sequin with mic
Amy G high kickin chicken
Amy G Chicken Showgirl
Amy G feather beard
Amy G Flamenco Mustache La Soiree
Amy G Kazoochee Red Dress
Amy G I <3 NY singing
Shirley Bassey meets Jerry Lewis at a totally shameless rollerdisco party. That's Entershamement!


60-90 min



Slapstick Diva heaven! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, sometimes at the same time. Entershamement is a mad mash-up of physical, musical, stand-up and improvisational comedy that will leave you in absolute stitches.


By turning everything she's ever been ashamed of into a setlist of ravishing and ridiculous 

song and dance numbers, complete with roller-skates, a live chicken, and genuine human frailty, G creates "an unforgettable experience ... travelling through a series of transformations in a feat of incredible physicality." - The List. 


In this daredevil variety cabaret, the masterful entertainer deconstructs before your eyes, and then rebuilds beauty from the inside out. Amy G is comedy gold with a golden voice.  


Entershamement is directed by John-Stuart Fauquet.

Now playing colleges across the US in a version called

45-60 min

A masterclass in making all your awkward moments as fabulous as can be!  This version gives college age audiences a funhouse lens with which to look at identity: body issues, gender issues, bad behavior and other issues that need tissues.  In actively becoming the selves we want to be, we gotta learn to laugh in the red face of embarrassment; to take risks, be bravely boldly, uniquely ourselves, and live fully and truly with #noshame!


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“One of the most feel-good experiences you could have... Blends slapstick humour, a fantastic voice and very special talents to create an unforgettable experience…a series of transformations in a feat of incredible physicality."  The List
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